I experienced my first FOMO this month. I didn’t think it was possible but it happened…..

Have you heard of CosmoJeans? No? Neither had I until about a month ago… My recent obsession with getting out and trying all things that may look like fun, caused my eye to catch on a Facebook post by Canal Walk (a mall not too far away from where I live).

The post mentioned #CosmoJeans17 a fashion show held at the mall showcasing denims and jean trends for 2017. I’m not usually a fashion show type girl, but this wasn’t far from home, it was affordable tickets at R150 PLUS you get a goodie bag!! A goodie bag from Cosmopolitan magazine would, most likely, trump all previous goodie bags I have ever received. (This is where those that know me call me a “Goodie Bag Slut”)

I was pretty much hooked, but I’m not really one to go to such things alone, as I may be kidnapped or something, so I went in search of one of my lovely friends to join. I didn’t search extremely urgently though, I had no idea how hot those tickets were!

Finally, exactly one week before the event, I mentioned it to my colleagues and they all agreed to come with me! YAY! So I was like, tonight I will buy us tickets, all four of us. And I did indeed go on to Quicket to buy us tickets, but alas! I had waited too long, and the tickets were SOLD OUT!!!!????!!!

Ok so there is where my misery started, but I still kinda had a back up plan. There were many Facebook competitions still going strong to win these golden tickets, and I had already entered some of them; but that night I binge entered every single competition out there. I was pretty sure Id win, when I’m consistent with my FB entering, I usually win something. I just needed 4 tickets….. All competitions ended on the Monday, 3 days before the show – just enough time to plan our outfits for the night – and as each page replied to the posts that I had shamelessly commented under (liked, shared and tagged) my hopes jumped…. and fell.

No I did not win ANY tickets, and no matter how many times I double checked on Quicket – those tickets were still sold out. We did no get to see #CosmoJeans17 and I felt that FOMO creep in on Thursday night as I realized all the fun that was happening just down the road that I could not join in, and I thought of all those goodie bags that were going home with somebody else…..

Now I know. I will be on the lookout for #CosmoJeans18 I will not make the same mistakes. Until next year.


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