Ladies Night

downloadSo if you’ve read my post about my recent case of FOMO, you’ll remember how my colleagues were going to join me for the event. Since we couldn’t attend that event, I entered a facebook competition (hey, anyone noticing that I lurv FB competitions??). The competition was held by Adventure Bootcamp and it was to win a ladies night out to see the new movie Rough Night  at Nu Metro. Not only that but we got to be in the first group of people to see the movie in South Africa!

So, I won and I invited the office ladies and thus began our ladies night! I was a bit confused at first, I didn’t have all the info, so it was all quite an exciting surprise. All we knew was that we needed to be at the cinema at 6.30 and we would get to see the movie. 

Leaving husbands, fiances, boyfriends and pets safely at home, we all went off on our ladies night adventure.

None of us had actually ever been to a movie at the cinema where the movie was showing, so we followed and the smell of popcorn and thankfully it lead us right there. We found probably the biggest group of ladies ever to have gathered near a popcorn machine. There was a table where we had to find our names on the guest list (very VIP) and an NDA that we needed to sign to ensure that we didn’t leak any spoilers about the movie before it was officially released. Super Secret Stuffs. 

After signing in and swearing our silence, we found another surprise – FREE POPCORN. Yup, that wasn’t mentioned in the prize but it was waiting for us all, with a drink as well. That had us completely sorted and ready to enjoy our movie, so we went to find seats. And the lovely ladies at adventure bootcamp had set us up with even more surprises, we found goodies on all of our seats! Already the night was soooo much better than we had thought it would be, and the movie hadn’t even started. We were told very nicely about the friendly-looking security man who would have to escort us from the cinema should we have our phones out during the movie just to make sure nobody filmed the film.


We weren’t really sure what to expect from the movie itself, all trailers look good but sometimes the movie doesn’t live up to it… But thankfully, Rough Night is all that and more! It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s cute and it’s real. We all had a really good laugh, were reminded why it’s good to get out with the girls every now and then, and left with happy feels. 

It was a great Girl’s Night, and one of the best prizes I’ve won all year! And there have been a few. 

So, if you haven’t yet seen Rough Night, GO! And watch out for more Nu Metro Ladies Nights, they are way too much fun to miss out on.





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