Let’s Do Date Night

My Fiance knows that he needs much patience with me and the many crazy ideas that I come up with and put him through. So I’m sure he knew just how interesting it was going to get when I signed us up for a Date Night Challenge.

For those who don’t already know about Date Night SA, they are a page on Facebook that finds ideas for date nights, so us lazy or busy couples can take those ideas and enjoy our own date nights.

Since I follow DNI, I found out that they were holding a challenge for the couple followers. The challenge was to go on 4 dates in the space of 2 weeks, and we had the chance to win R2000.

Of course I had to sign us up, and so began the race to have 4 dates in 2 weeks. It doesn’t really seem that hard when you think about. And that’s what I thought… I didn’t realise just how hard it would be to plan 4 dates in our schedules; we always kind of just wing date night whenever we have the chance.

We started the challenge very late, since the week it started was just so hectic! So the first date was actually doubled up with the fiance’s moms birthday celebration. We went for Durbanville Hills‘ Winter Family Festival, which included a cellar tour and 3 course dinner. We took his mom and we enjoyed it very much! I decided to use this as our first date because it was a new thing for us and even though it was 3 of us, it was still fancy enough to classify as a date.


That was the Saturday night, and then we had planned to do a Sunday morning drive, which I figured was our 2nd date. We took a drive through Simon’s Town, stopped and had breakfast at a cosy little coffee shop in Kommetjie, and then came back home through Hout bay and Camps bay. It was thankfully amazing weather for a drive, the view was really showing off. I even got to see Dassies having their own breakfast and Penguins who were about as happy waking up on a Sunday morning as I usually am. This was probably first on my favourites list for the challenge.


I had hoped that we could go to Museum night at the V&A Waterfront when I heard about it in the beginning of June, and so since it was in the time frame for the challenge, it seemed meant to be that we used it as date number 3. Most of the museums were open from 7pm to 10pm and free for the public to visit. I hadn’t yet done any of the museums so seeing them at night, and the waterfront being so busy so late at night in the middle of the week was quite an experience. We got to see the Springbok museum, which gives a history of our South African rugby team, all the way from the beginning to now. It also has some interactive stations where you can try your skills at kicking, throwing and other rugby-ball-related actions. After that we made our way to the Robben Island Jetty museum where the prisoners of Robben Island would be held to wait for the ferry to take them through. Also quite an interesting visit, seeing the prisoners and also the visitor history. We also paid a visit to the Chavonnes battery museum, which I had never heard of before at all (I was confused at the word battery, embarrassingly), we saw what is left of the old fort, with some of the old weapons as well, it was really interesting visit, and their was a band as well playing music inside which gave such a magical feeling to the atmosphere. When we were tired of walking around to the museums, we happily stopped for Marcel’s frozen yoghurt, just by the way Caffe Latte flavour with Fudge topping – Oh Em Gee.


By now we had 3 dates down, but only 2 nights left to fit on our 4th. Part of the challenge, was getting our friends to like the photos of our dates that we posted into the event… I did not have much luck getting likes and I didn’t feel too much like harrassing my FB friends; so I knew that the chances of winning were super low, but I was adamant that we would finish the challenge since we started. On the Thursday, coming home I wasn’t feeling too well, so we decided to have an at home date. We made supper, and poured wine, and enjoyed our date in our comfy clothes on the couch. We do this at least once a week, but this time it was a conscious date, we took a photo, I posted it and it hardly cost a thing. A chilled ending to our challenge effort.

By the time the votes were tallied, we obviously weren’t the winners of the R2000, but we had managed to enjoy a week of determined dating, and after living together for 3 years that doesn’t happen often enough. We also learnt how to fit in dates even if timing doesn’t seem just right. I think the biggest challenge was taking a photo of each date, since most of those were selfies and we are not the selfie types… but it also helped us get way more photos of us together and now we get to keep those memories.


P.S if this sounds like something you and your significant other needs, go to this LINK to sign up for their Date Awareness Week. Also follow them on FACEBOOK


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